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PHOTO/VIDEO: Chinese Woman Accused And Beaten Up By Female Gang For Being A Mistress

Shocking footage captured in China shows the moment a young woman is accosted and beaten by a group of women. The gang was led by a woman thought to be her married lover’s wife, who accused her of being a mistress. The young lady is seen lying on the ground and howling in pain as the women rain blows on her and try to strangle her with shoelaces as punishment for being a “home wrecker”.

In the video, which was uploaded on China’s video-sharing application Miaopai, the victim can be seen lying on the ground covering her face as the wife and friends  attempt to strip her of her clothes. They also hit her thighs and backside with a shoe until the victim is red and swollen.

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Such scenes are common in China where angry wives employ “mob justice” against mistresses of unfaithful husbands.

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