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REVEALED: What Men Do To Girls!! 5 Shocking Stories Of Badly Hurt Ladies

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These girls suffered much from what their boyfriends did to them. The stories are shocking!

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1. “He walked out on me in public” Nala Kanu

public break up

“He was a bad boy in school, and he fell in for me. Several times he offered me dating him and even insisted. Then third time it happened I gave in wondering at his persistence. We were the power couple of the school, admired by everyone except for a few girls who wished they were in my shoes. We dated for two weeks, and I know I was a real girlfriend to Philip as I helped him copy some of his notes and we made out twice.

One Friday Phil got up on the stage during the social night and stated that he breaks up with me. He said: Precious; it is over between us! His classmates cheered him, and the whole school joined them. I wished the ground would open and swallow me. I didn’t even know when tears rolled down my cheeks, and before I knew it, I was sobbing uncontrollably. I felt so used by a cheap guy, but I forgave him.”

2. “He shared my naked photos on Facebook” Khari Hope

boyfriend revenge

“I began dating this guy called James in 2011. I was head over heels for him and a moment I thought I had found my soul mate. We have done everything together. I have never suspected anything was wrong when he asked for my nude photos. I send him a couple of them. We dated for two years. Our passion did not last that long.

Then, I knew it was time to move on. I politely broke up with him one Wednesday evening. He wasn’t cool with it and began calling me names and ranted over the phone till I couldn’t take it anymore. I stopped taking his calls and replying his chats. His revenge was devastating to me. He used my nude photos to shame me publicly on Facebook.

He also added a text saying that I was a whore and look for new clients. My world crumbled that day. I slumped into a terrible bout of depression for weeks with suicidal thoughts crossing my mind every day. Facebook took down the image that same day, but it was too late… My heart was broken.”

3. “He had sex with my sister” Ebele Amara

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sex with sister

“Pual seemed to be a sweet boy when I started dating him. He had great looks and body. His sense of humor was fabulous. I was in love. We dated for a while and once he came over to my house, but I was away. He met my sister there. I think he knew I wasn’t going to be at home. Things happened that day.

I learned the news from my sister. She was very sorry about the whole thing, and she told me Paul seduced her. I don’t blame her at all because Paul is a smooth talker. That evening, I confronted the guy, and he told me to go to HELL, and I lost faith in men that day. The relationship with my sister is now strained and awkward because of that fool.”

4. “He hit me in public” Ayo S.

hit in public

“I walked with my boyfriend. We held hands and talked of deep matters. We discussed our future together. A man passed by, who looked very handsome and I commented on his looks, saying he was sexy. I don’t know whether it was a punch or a slap Williams gave me but I lost the ability to hear in my left ear. All eyes were focused on us. I could feel their eyes boring a hole through my belly. Beads of sweat formed all over me. Williams started begging profusely, and I couldn’t stop myself from bursting into tears. I walked away, and I don’t regret leaving the woman beater.”

 5. “He created for me a reputation of a lesbian” Jojo Sade


“I am so happy with breaking up with this guy as he is a real jerk. But he decided to revenge me and invented a very tricky thing: he started a rumor that I was lesbian. It ruined my reputation because almost all my classmates believed the nasty rumor. Usually, I do not pay attention to such things, and steadily I’m building my reputation. It’s not easy as a lot of people still believe I’m a lesbian.”

These stories are sad. They hurt women and hugely undermine their faith in men. However, such things happen, but luckily not all the men are like that.

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