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See The World’s Largest Catfish That Eat Humans

largest catfish

These photos are pretty shocking. However, the scientists have made even more terrifying discovery, when they cut open the largest of their species! There are viral videos of catfish eating pidgins or other small prey. It’s hard to believe how large catfish can grow.  They catch the birds, which land on the water or throw themselves out onto the ground to hunt them down. However, judging by the size of these monsters they could easily eat a man all in one piece! And one of them did!

huge catfish

Catfish monsters of the past Back in 1830 people caught a huge fish of over 400 kg in weight in Germany. They had to ask up to 8 people to load it on the wagon! A hundred years ago in Uzbekistan they have caught a monster weighing over 430 kg! Obviously, back in that time people did not have the modern technology and fishing gear.

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huge catfish 2

A shocking video of how water predators go on dry land So the catfish had more time to grow and achieve such hideous size! However, in our days people also fish out huge creatures. The man eating catfish. One of them reached up to 3 meters in length and had almost 300 kg in it. This one was caught in Russian and when they copped the fish, they have found the remains of human body in its stomach! The giant was feeding on people! In China there was a lake, where time to time the divers would disappear. No one knew what happened to them, until… they caught a 3 meter catfish and found the remains of the people’s bodies inside it! The head of the monster reached 1 meter in diameter! These photos and facts are rather shocking and would make you think twice before you go swimming in a place, inhabited by such giants!

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