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SHOCKER: 4 Year Old Girl Dies After Being Drugged By Her Mother So She Could Have S*x With Her Boyfriend Without Being Disturbed!!


A couple blamed for encouraging a four-year-old young lady with medications so they could engage in sexual relations were attempted on Monday..

40 year old John Rytting, and his better half of nine months 37 year old Michala Pyke, purportedly spiked her little girl Poppy Widdison with methadone and blue Diazepam.


Poppy died suddenly on June 10, 2013, with scientists discovering more than seven drugs including heroin and benzodiazepines – aka ‘benzos’ – in her hair.

A trial at Hull Crown Court heard evidence today mum Pyke had texted her drug dealer partner Rytting saying:

“Got a bottle of wine if u wanna share,

“Text back before I leave in half an hour. She can have a blue Smartie and go sleep lol! XXX.”

Paramedics discovered Poppy was turning blue and not breathing when called to Rytting’s home after she was found lifeless on the sofa in June 2013.

She died the next day at Sheffield Children’s Hospital when her life support machine was switched off. An investigation failed to establish the cause of her death. A post mortem found bruising on her upper arms, back of the thighs, buttocks and other places.



Prosecutor David Gordon told the jury at Hull Crown Court that the defendants were not charged with murder or manslaughter as there was no evidence to blame them for her death and that experts disagreed about its cause.
But he said there was clear evidence of the girl being plied with illicit substances to keep her quiet.

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The prosecutor added:

‘We the prosecution say they wanted to get on with their love life and they regarded her as an incumbent.’
‘She [Pyke] regarded her own child as a nuisance and interfering with the enjoyment in her own relationship with Mr Rytting.’
He said tests after her death found traces of heroin and methadone in Poppy’s hair.
‘This is not like sprinkling of the drug over the child’s head, but was made up of the compound of her own cell structure,’


The jury were told both had pleaded guilty to a single charge of cruelty against Poppy Widdison between January 1 and June 9 2013 by assaulting, ill treating or neglecting her in a manner likely to be harmful to her health by exposing her to controlled drugs.

But they deny encouraging her to take drug.

The trial continues.

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