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PHOTO: Shocking! Prison Inmates R*pe Transgender Woman 2,000 Times In Prison During Four-Year Sentence

A man who changed to a woman has revealed how she was r*ped for over 2,000 times while in an all-male prison that nearly led to her death.

Vicky Thomspon with her boyfriend Robert Steele. Vicky was found dead in her cell in an all-male prison
A transgender woman has told how she was r*ped 2,000 times during a hellish four-year prison sentence for stealing a car, The Sun reports.
According to the report, the ex-prisoner, named only as Mary, said the moment she arrived in her holding cell news spread fast that was she was transgender.
She put together with male convicts awaiting court, and said she quickly received offers for protection in exchange for sex.
Mary, who did not want her real name to be printed, told “They are either trying to manipulate you or threaten you into some sort of sexual contact and then, once you perform the requested threat of sex, you are then an easy target as others want their share of sex with you, which is more like rape than consensual sex.”
The transgender prisoner had breasts but had not yet had gender reassignment surgery when she was jailed.
She revealed how she was forced to have sex and subjected to horrific beatings when she says no. After trying to escape from prison three times, Mary was labelled a high risk prisoner, she added: “This meant I would serve all my time in maximum security with the most violent prisoners,” she said.

“I wasn’t escaping for anything else, I just had to get away from the sexual assault.”
During her four-year sentence Mary was transferred to other jails, but she spent much of her time in Boggo Road prison on Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
She told that she tried to defend herself at first, but was flogged and beaten every time she tried to resist the rapes.
Mary continued: “Each time I said no and tried to push them away, they just force you and it’s not just one or two people, there’s a bunch of them.”
Speaking further, she revealed how her hair was forcefully cut short by one of the prison inmate and how she also began to grow back facial hair because she was denied her hormones by prison officers.
Another transgender inmate who Mary served time alongside was also subjected to horrific rapes in prison, but she ended up killing herself.
Mary said: “She was eventually released but was arrested for breaching parole and she hung herself so she didn’t have to go back to prison.
“In November 2015 British transgender female prisoner Vicky Thompson was found dead in her cell at an all-male prison.”
The tragic 21-year-old, who was born a man but had identified as a woman since her mid-teens, had been ridiculed by male inmates before she killed herself.

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