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UK Upholds Ibori’s Conviction Despite Evidence of Police Corruption

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Former Delta Governor, James Ibori, remains convicted despite new evidence that police corruption in the process of his prosecution was covered up, a UK court has ruled.

Ibori was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 2012 for fraud, money laundering and other offences.

However, the case became heated after one of Ibori’s associates convicted for money laundering Bhadresh Gohil, said the the judicial process was tainted because prosecutors had covered up evidence of police corruption.

The Crown Prosecution Service had in May confirmed it found “material (evidence) to support the assertion that a police officer received payment in return for information.”

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After an internal review of the case lasting months, the CPS said on Thursday that while the material “should have been disclosed to the defence,” that did not call into question the validity of the convictions of Ibori, Gohil and others.

Hence Ibori’s conviction holds.

Ibori and Gohil’s lawyers could challenge the findings of the CPS review in the next court hearing. Proceedings on the confiscation of Ibori’s assets are still dragging on.

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