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Unbelievable: Couple Wins $320 Million After Betting Everything They Had On Donald Trump!!


A couple from Utah just won $320,92 million after betting everything they had on Donald Trump for the presidential election. Frank and Dorothy Miller were so deeply convinced that Mr Trump was destined to become president, that they decided almost a year ago to take a mortgage on their farm and bet everything they had on him.

They gathered slightly more than $1 million and placed it all on a single online bet, convinced that the payout would be worthwhile.

“Mr Trump is an angel sent by God to save America,” Ms Miller told reporters. “We just knew he would win, and we wanted to prove our faith. Now God has rewarded us for our devotion.”

Many of their close ones tried to convince the couple that betting on the flamboyant billionaire was a bad idea, but couple claims its faith was unshakable.

“Many unfaithful people told us not to do it,” said Mr Miller. “Our daughters, our friends and even our pastor tried to tell us it was a bad idea, but we knew that God was on his side, and that he would win.”

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Their faith in Mr Trump has, indeed, turned out to be quiet profitable, earning them more than 300 times their wager.

Online betting sites have registered more than $12 billions in bets for the presidential election.
Many people have placed huge bets on the US presidential election, which has become single biggest betting event in history.

Bookmaker Betway reported a sizeable 75% of individual wagers on the race to the White House were on Trump, while 80% of the money had been for Clinton.

Mr and Ms Miller’s gains are excpetional, however, since they placed their bet of more than $1 million when Trump was chalked up at 300/1, just after he first declared his candidacy.

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