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Unbelievable: This Girl Disappeared When She Was Just 5 Years Old And 50 Years Later She Returned Back Home!


Every culture, locale or nation has its own legends and listening to any of them could interest. In any case, ordinarily these myths are viewed as genuine certainties that won’t not occur precisely as told but rather have some truth in them.This time is a tale about a young lady from a residential area in Alabama. The general population from the town say a 5-years of age young lady was requested that gather a few berries in the forested areas to set up a pie for supper. This sort of errands is normal in residential areas in light of the fact that for the most part there are no perils.

The parents waited, but when they noticed the girl was taking too much time, they decided to go out and find her. The neighbors heard about the worried parents and also joined to help them with the search.

The search didn’t stop for several years, and despite the help from many people, the parent’s hope decreased with each passing day. It was very difficult for a small and helpless girl to survive in a forest for so long. The guilty consumed them, and they regretted sending the little Emily that day. They didn’t want to have more children after their terrible loss and they resigned to pray for the peace of her soul.

But something unusual happened. The couple was sitting on their porch watching the sunset 50 years later, when they saw a figure coming closer from the woods. They couldn’t believe what they saw: Emily was in front of them looking exactly as the day she disappeared. To their daughter, the timed didn’t pass and she thought she was gone only for a few minutes and came back with the berries she collected. Emily was wearing the same clothes she was wearing the day she left the house: a dress she was given on her birthday.


The girl was confused. She couldn’t understand how her parents had turned old and she couldn’t recognize them. She remembered what happened that day, and according to her, she only picked the berries she was asked to collect. The neighbors doubted from the facts and went to make sure she was the real Emily, but when the girl could answer private questions about her family, they realized it was, in fact, a miracle.

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Of course, the police never believed the story and declared the girl was a very similar looking girl. But the parents didn’t care, and they were happy after getting their little girl back. True or not, this legend has been told in Alabama for several generations and has gained popularity with time.

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