VIDEO: Arsonist Sets Himself On Fire, See What Happened Afterwards………


On Monday, authorities in Kentucky, USA, were searching for an alleged arsonist who attempted to burn down a building.

The Madisonville Police Department released surveillance video which showed a white van parked outside what authorities described as a new business in town.

In the 2 minute clip, a woman with a baseball cap can be seen sliding open the van’s side door and placing something near the building. A man then emerges from the driver’s side door with what appears to be a Molotov cocktail, which he tosses on the ground.

When he returns with a second bottle, flames shoot toward his body, quickly igniting his shorts and shoe. He bolts around the corner and flings himself onto the grassy yard of a nearby home. A few seconds later, he appears back on camera, kicking off a smoldering shoe and jogging around a parking lot.

He returns to the building, where flames are now rising, and slowly pours the contents of another bottle on the fire. He then gets back in the van and drives off.

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