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This Woman Died During Childbirth But Her Husband’s Last Words Made A Whole Lot Of Difference (Read Details+Photos)


The pregnancy of Melanie Pritchard was going on well, without any abnormalities detected by the doctors.  However, when the time of birth came, the situation got out of control, as Melanie suddenly began convulsing.  Indicators on the monitors started jumping and doctors called a “code blue”. Melanie urgently needed an intensive care. She suffered an amniotic fluid embolism and was tragically pronounced dead.



As was told by her husband Doug, – his wife was clinically dead, when she gave birth to a daughter. At that time, my first thought was ‘I’m a widower now.’ And we’d only been married for three years… Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Then doctors told the husband to say a last goodbye to his wife. Doug recalls his words: “If you have any strength left, then fight!”





And all that was left for Doug and his family – was to pray. Doctors tried all their best to resuscitate Melanie. But unfortunately, the news was not so good. Melanie’s brother came after a while. He was a doctor. Melanie had to undergo another emergency operation to stop the internal bleeding, detected by her brother. Relatives have almost given up all hope, but 24 hours later Melanie has regained consciousness!3

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When she opened her eyes, Doug showed her a picture of a baby girl, who had miraculously survived. But her life was still on the line. Doctors told Doug that Melanie would need a heart or lung transplant and even if she survives, she would have serious neurological issues. But he never gave up hope. A few hours later, Melanie was breathing on her own. The family miraculously returned home within a week, and Melanie had no health complications anymore. Doug could not believe his luck for a long time. “It’s a real miracle. Her survival was a miracle,” says Doug. “I think God has answered our prayers.”

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