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10 Things That Make UCH Ibadan A Trash

Mr. Abiodun Odumosu

Note that this post is based on what a woman who lost her husband sent to us.

According to the victim, her husband, late Mr. Abiodun Odumosu died of kidney disease at the University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan. The victim recounts all the ordeals she went through at UCH Ibadan. Unfortunately, a lot of people have suffered similar things. This now leads us to citing reasons why UCH Ibadan is a trash:

1. UCH is expected to be the most respected hospital in Nigeria if not in West Africa but it is a place with little or no value for human lives.
2. A place where medical practitioners leave broken legs to rotten for routine tests.
3. A place where eventual amputation of human body parts owing to doctors’ lackadaisical attitude is not an issue.
4. A place where a child with cerebral palsy is left unattended to for months.
5. A place where many ‘ethical’ mistakes have led to innumerable deaths without professional concern.
6. A place where the main machine for treating cancer has been reportedly broken down.
7. A place where doctors give preference to their personal hospitals at the expense of the monumental UCH.
8. A place where hundreds of thousands of naira is reportedly spent on diesels daily yet there is power failure at the emergency unit where power is needed most.
9. A place where your social status or connection determines the degree of attention you receive from practitioners.
10. A place where everything is monetized by corrupt leaders without value for human lives.
The question now is, How do we save Nigerians from suffering at UCH?

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