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Why Advertising on Linda Ikeji Will Not Bag That Conversion As Much As You Think …


Don’t get me wrong, if you want visibility and equity for a growing brand … please, the more impression your ad has on her blog, the better for you.

The goal of advertising your brand on a content driven platform is to create nostalgic subliminal imprint in the minds of their audience when they read an interesting story. But unfortunately, big spenders are beginning to turn online publications into a bid fest for who has more money to spend on media, rather than strategic implementation of the goal of the campaign.

The truth is, sometimes we get overexcited about how many impressions our advertising get on these digital platforms that we forget the initial reason we started advertising on these platforms in the first place; Data driven targeting.

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I do not think it’s the best decision to spend over 1 million naira on a digital banner for an HMO insurance cover when you can spend less on a defined target of individuals with proper content on certain social media channels or spend same telling customers of YOUR OWN BANK to use your USSD banking system; (You have my phone number, please just send text on the procedure once you’ve noticed i just performed an operation on another platform geeez).

Bottom line is data-driven strategy is the best way to earn more from the budget you have for your overall digital strategy as you can target a different audience on different platforms. You don’t need to always patronise no 1 on alexa before you get value for money.

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