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Buhari’s Anti-Corruption War: Top 5 Quotes From Femi Aribisala

Femi Aribisala

Femi Aribisala on Thursday fired some shots at President Muhammadu Buhari during a round table discussion on winning the war against corruption at the University of Lagos.

See 5 quotes from Aribisala:

  1. “There is no fight against corruption in Nigeria. And if there’s no fight against corruption, you can’t even talk about war”
  2. “In ten months of Buhari’s‎ government, there has been no institutional structure that has been laid against corruption. We have simple had media circuses accusing people of corruption.
  3. “If you have a budget that is padded left right and centre, and after this was revealed you passed it and say only a small amount changed in it, and we do not know what is in the new budget, you can’t say you are against corruption. There is no transparency in any of these things.”
  4. “You cannot fight corruption with corruption. And corruption is more than just the stealing of money. If you disobey the rule‎ of law, you have corrupted the system. If you create an avenue where you have a big margin between the official foreign exchange rate and the parallel market rate, there’s gonna be corruption. If you have children of the rich getting into the CBN on nepotistic grounds, the corruption is still with you.
  5. “There is no mandate against corruption. If President Buhari was determined to fight against corruption, my feeling is that he gave up after losing election three times. The fourth time, he formed an alliance with people who he despised before. And they were not necessarily people who had a track record of being (sic) anti-corruption. So today, I don’t know who is anti-corruption.”
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