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Bukola Saraki: The Man Who Dug His Own Grave

At the inception of this administration, the president and the ruling party, All Progressives Congress made it known to all that they don’t need a senate president with excess baggage.

They don’t need a senate president with outstanding corruption cases because they want to maintain a neat leadership devoid of personalities with ongoing corruption cases.

Ordinarily, Senator George Akume was supposed to emerge as the senate president in the sense that he was the senate minority leader when his party (APC) was in the opposition.

With his party coming to power, he was supposed to be automatically elevated to the senate presidency. His ambition was cut short after President Muhammadu Buhari insisted that his number three man must be devoid of any outstanding corruption case .

Akume has an outstanding case with Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

Seeing the danger ahead and also not wanting to go against his party wish, the political field Marshall, the JAGABAN BORGU, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who had supported the Akume candidature, did a political somersault and advised his friend, Akume to deter his ambition and transfered his support to the party’s preferred choice being Senator Lawan of Yobe State.

Once again, Tinubu proved to be the master political strategist, knowing when to either pull out, move forward or move backwards.

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Unlike Akume, Saraki has more serious outstanding corruption cases hanging on his head and could have deferred his ambition but pride and stupidity took hold of him and he decided to go extreme.

He did not only disobey his party but went as far as conspiring with the PDP and betrayed his party by making a PDP man the Deputy Senate president.

Well, after the president and vice declared their assets, the next person was the senate president.

And what do we expect the government to do when its senate president defaulted?

To leave him and create the wrong impression that the government’s anti-corruption stance is just a fluke?

Please blame Saraki for his problems. He was prior informed about what is in stock for a senate president with excess baggage, but he still went ahead and decided to destroy himself.

So how does his issues now translate to witch hunting when he was fore warned of the implications of his ambition?

He dug his own grave out of pride and greed. Let him be buried in it.

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