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#FreeEse – Is Nigeria A Country Ruled By Pedophiles?


I wanted to sit out this #FreeEse issue but my conscience can’t let me anymore. Reason? I knew this kind of occurrence would become the order of the day under President Muhammadu Buhari AND I raised issues about it. I was called names and shouted down. I wouldn’t tow the callous path of saying ‘I’m vindicated’, no, that would be demonic. I just wish I could take some brand of whatever APC minions take to deaden their conscience and deaden mine too so I can have my peace over all going on in Nigeria today, being that I screamed about them before they chose the pedophile that will lead them into hell.

I advice any foreigner intending to travel to Nigeria to perish that thought for now! Unless you have your will and life insurance well sorted out. From the US, perish the thought of having any insurer giving you life coverage that extends to a stay in Nigeria. Just don’t waste your time!

I say this with utmost sense of shame, a shame from the fact that I unfortunately have to bear the disgusting name called Nigeria, a jungle with the most depraved animals as their leaders.

In that fraudulent contraption living in perpetual denial of truth, the fellow you see turbaned in the picture below was a former Central Bank Governor, now an Emir (Islamic ruler) of Kano. This disgusting pedophile-by-association condoned the kidnapping of the little girl in the middle, a 13 year old girl from a town in the Christian South South town of Opolo in Yenegoa, Bayelsa State and forcefully married her.

The parents of the girl have traced her to him and sited her in the pedophile’s palace of criminality in Kano State.

The fellow on the right is the Inspector General of Nigerian Police. He has said the ‘release’ (whatever that meant!) of Ese Oruru is ‘dependent’ on certain persons. This is the chief of police in Nigeria. He knows where the girl is held, and who is holding her, and he cannot arrest the criminal carrying out this crime. Shame! Biiiiiiiig shame!

The reason for the reluctance of the Police Chief is not far fetched; the Nigerian President himself is also a pedophile having married his current wife at age 10, though records have been distorted to make her age at marriage to him 15. At 15, it is still child abuse. Equally disgusting is the manner in which Buhari married Aisha; she was a friend to the daughter of his former wife and she used to accompany her friend (Buhari’s daughter) to go visit Buhari in jail, which is where he sighted her and developed interest in her DESPITE HER AGE! Upon release from jail, he found the clumsiest reason available and sacked his former wife to pave way to marry Aisha. There were internal family squabbles because of this, a situation they will kill to hide the stories today. A certain family member spilled the beans on social media shortly after he was elected and shortly afterwards disappeared.

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Why am I giving these shameful details about Buhari the Nigerian president? Take a look at the second picture. A recent picture taken in Saudi Arabia last week. This picture shows the LESSER PEDOPHILE, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, disgracing Islam with the BIGGER PEDOPHILE, Buhari. Kindly note that the two are together DESPITE THE OUTCRY RAGING IN NIGERIA OVER ESE’S ABDUCTION BY SANUSI! That shows you where Buhari belongs; he’s the president of the association of pedophiles.

Sometime two years ago, I was at a traditional marriage somewhere in Nigeria. I won’t give more details to protect people, but the fellow I was at his/her traditional wedding will read this and know WHO I’m talking about. At that function, I ran into someone that was in Abacha’s hit squad and we talked for a long time. One of the most despicable things I’ve heard in this world was how he serves – in present continuous tense – top shots from Northern Nigeria TEENAGE GIRLS! You heard me right! TEENAGE GIRLS and even smaller, basically from age 8 and above, maxing out at 17. He told me how he does it; the old fools call him that they are in town (Abuja), he calls the lady that ‘arranges’ these girls for them and she ‘supplies’ the girls. I was beyond shock to even attempt finding out HOW they get the girls. More than 10 girls at once will be ‘servicing’ these buffoons, who will lay shamelessly naked before children in the age range of their grand children. From what I know of the guy’s background, the clients must be retired politicians and top military officers. Buhari eminently qualifies in both categories.

These are the people running the affairs of Nigeria today, all appointed into one position of authority or the other.

I also take this opportunity to condemn in strong terms, the CRIMINAL silence of former President Goodluck Jonathan who is incidentally from the same state with this victim. I am yet to hear his reaction on this.

I usually will end this sort of update by asking the #BabyWailers to shut up already, but for the sake of Ese, I dare not.

Chinonmso Awazie is a engineer, political activist, and new media professional. Connect with him onFacebook.

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