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The Ignorance Of Writers, Populace For Holding President Buhari Accountable For Economic Recession, By Babasola Wasiu Adekunle


It’s a stomach churning and downright illiteracy of some Nigeria elite which I personally taught they were economic guru and could vividly understand the style of PMB in line with the economic recession but being drive away by their personal gain and lack of critical thinking and unrealistic forecast measure

Have seen different writers write up  shifting all blame on buhari by holding him accountable for this mystery championed Nigeria economy but we easily forget our prodigalism that ought to be meticulously amend but our sheer hypocrisy, tribalism and bigotism continue to hinder and amber our intellectual by not doing the right steps rather using our written knack and mediocre strategic thinking to elicit for magic change from Oga PMB.

One thing I grown up accustom with about we Nigerians is, our penchant for over-rating our past with present is significantly causing intense setback in every area of our activities and economic alike. Only way to stop this is a critical and logical reasoning of how to tackle our present challenges and thrive in it not to be reminiscing the past that jibed our intellectualism

It’s an inherent phenomenon of nation economic to encounter recession if resources have being mismanage or lack of adequate skills to tackle the economic threat. But writers and populace being impatient for not exercise SWOT analysis but go swayed with their stomach needs. SWOT analysis is an acronym of strength, weakness opportunity and threat it’s a business terms and part of a must course for first degree undergraduate and MBA  students alike, this analysis is use for determinant of strength of industries and it’s weakness in order to run a smooth trade. Part of the benefits of Swot analysis are said to be..understand your business better.
address weaknesses.
deter threats.
capitalise on opportunities.
take advantage of your strengths.
develop business goals and strategies for achieving
Permit me to go furthermore in Swot Analysis… Break down below

  1. Swot analysis provide a visual overview- A SWOT analysis is usually presented as a square with each of
    the four areas making up one quadrant. This visual
    arrangement of the information provides a quick overview of
    the company’s position. Although all the points under a
    particular heading may not be of equal importance, there are
    some insights to be had in seeing how the number of
    opportunities measures up to the number of threats and so
  2. Promotes Discussion
    SWOT analysis is a great way to guide strategy sessions. It
    can be very powerful to have everyone in the room to discuss
    the core strengths and weaknesses of the company and then
    move from there to defining the opportunities and threats.
    One of the challenges is that the discussion can be derailed
    by listing things rather than thinking strategy, but this can be
    counteracted by a strong facilitator. Often the SWOT analysis
    that you envision before the session changes throughout to
    reflect factors you were unaware of and would never have
    captured if not for the group’s input.
    3. Quick
    One of the most underrated advantages to a SWOT analysis is
    that they are quick and comparatively easy to do. You can
    conduct a SWOT analysis for the overall business strategy
    over the course of a meeting and that chart will serve as a
    quick way to vet ideas throughout the brainstorming session.
    4. Flexible
    SWOT analysis is also very flexible. SWOT can be used to
    guide overall business strategy session, but it can also be
    used to drill into a specific segment like marketing,
    production, or sales. This way you can see how the overall
    strategy developed off the SWOT analysis will filter down to
    the segments below before committing to it. You can also
    work in reverse and do segment specific SWOT analysis that
    feeds into an overall SWOT analysis rather than working from
    top down.
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If your opinion contradict this my statement argument is allowed and counter-opinion is 100% tolerable.

Writer, business analyst and activist

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