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Who is to love who more, the man or the woman?

man love your woman more

Looking at what the scripture says ‘Man love your wife and wife submit to your husband’. Why is this so? This is because a man and a woman have different make ups. A man and a woman have been wired differently. What do I mean? It’s easy for a woman to love her man naturally, looking at it from the perspective of our fore-parents (Adam and Eve). That was why God said wives submit to your husbands and not wives love your husbands. Eve shared her apple with her husband even after she had disobeyed both God and her husband.

Ladies don’t find it difficult to love their husbands, the problem ladies have is what I call ‘submission problem’. Ladies love to be their own bosses, they don’t really love to submit, and they want to try out new things without any restrictions. That was exactly what happened to Eve in the Garden of Eden, when the serpent tempted her and she obliged even after God and her husband had warned her not to eat of the fruits from the tree. That is why emphasis was placed on this scripture that says ‘Wives, submit to your husbands’ and not the other way round.

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After the fall in the Garden of Eden, the love for Eve dwindled and Adam started blaming God for creating Eve which made it quite hard for men to freely love someone without conditions. This is the more reason both men and women need to work on themselves and be a better husband and wife to their spouses respectively and obey God’s principles on Marriage.

Therefore, I think the man should love his wife more because ladies already love their husbands and it’s what you give to your woman she will replicate and multiply. Show her hatred and she will give you a hell on earth experience you will never forget in a jiffy.

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