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Nigeria Will Surely Sink Under Buhari’s Lack Of Policy Or Leadership


by Portia Emilia Anthony

It is not rocket science, it is not magic either but pure careful planning and strategies that is all that would take us out of this quagmire.

What are President Muhammadu Buhari’s policies? I mean as in where is the man taking us to, please, if you know let me know too because I am not feigning senility but truth be told I am abysmal totally as to where the man is taking the country and her denizens to.

When a country has no policies and very little to offer it is very difficult if not impossible for such a government to succeed.

Every country in the world is ready to do all it takes to defend their local currencies and the US and China have been doing so from the beginning of the foundation. China for example would do whatever it takes to preserve the strength of the Yuan and China had been for some years on a quest to protect the Yuan, as a result China had been questioning why Dollars has to be the internationally acceptable currency? This has waged some tacit cold war between the two countries.

This is why right now China is manipulating her Yuan against both the Dollars and Euro this they do in a bid to strengthen their locally consumed goods and boycotting imported goods. They have invested heavily in strengthening their industries and improving on made in China goods this is to boost their economy and being a great superpower China holds the door and can close it at will against any competitors because right now they hold the key to global economy and they can turn it whichever way they want.

China had stopped buying oil for a while now and hence, it is her that is holding the global economy down. The moment they resumed buying oil again this would kick-start other economies because right now they have nothing to lose but all to gain as they have enough reserves to defend the Yuan.

Should China be lenient now and start consuming oil and buying other raw materials 75% of the world economies would pick up. Even though they manufacture a lot China also consumes a whole lot from importation.

China’s ambition to stop the (NEW WORLD ORDER) NWO knows no bounds and they are working and stopping at nothing to achieve it. Being a very ambitious country and in a quest to be reckoned with they would achieve it without any iota of doubt.


Now, let’s look at the Nigeria’s project, what have we got in place? Absolutely nothing. What do we manufacture or produce now? Nothing but we import everything including matches, toothpicks, the chemical for making common pure water and yet all these raw materials come from Africa and mostly from Nigeria. We have not even scratched the surface of anything and yet our docile president said yesterday that Nigeria is the fastest growing economy now in Africa. I have asked what drugs Buhari is on and no one is saying Jack. Smh!

It looks like our president believes things are done, policies are formulated just by thinking and wishing. Someone has to wake him up from the slumber and remind him that we are in 2016 not 1983. He needs to wake up and smell the aroma of the coffee brewing because it would soon fade.

Even in the dwindling economy that no one can afford Dollars to import raw materials, that companies are folding up and investors closing shops and going to nearby countries with coherent policies our ruler has not even come out to say buh to us in a bid to assuage the situation or tell us where he is taking us to.

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Common Budget we can’t reconcile or get it right padded or not.

We have been fixated on the unedited budget of the previous administration little wonder they can’t get it right. That budget was when Naira was #165 to a Dollar and Oil was still selling at $88 per barrel.

My question is why can’t we simply find a method to the madness of getting this Budget ready before the country sinks? Does this not embarrass the handlers of this government? Why do these people think that passing the buck of their ineptitude, incompetence to the past administration would take the nightmare away?

Every leader gets a Budget ready on time because apart from the Constitution the next most important document for a sensible responsible government is the Budget. Obviously this gimmick government does not realise that and Buhari of course is not savvy enough to know so.

We are in a big mess and those still clapping for this government had better realise that they are not helping the janitor at the gate of Aso Rock in fanning his embers of stupidity.

I have heard of massive revampment of infrastructures and eight months down the line this is still on paper and no glimmer of light shining through.

What is even made in Nigeria that the raw materials are not imported? Why don’t this government even order the banks to bring down the rates on loans to encourage locally supposed raw materials and see how it goes?

Why not set up an incentives to encourage local manufacturers by giving them single digit interest rate loans with years of moratorium and government subsidies just to kick-start this government?

Why give FOREX only to Dangote because he is going to build a Refinery is it only about Refineries? What about the other sectors? What have we done with the Refineries that TAM was done on? (TAM=Turn around maintenance).

Are there no thinkers in this government? I swear I would drop my pride and give suggestions if called on to do so if only to help assuage this very ugly situation in my dear country.

China would soon sink Nigeria and right now they have blacklisted us on the borrowings they made to us because of our dwindling currency market.

Imagine having over $200B to save their Yuan. Somebody talk to Buhari that peregrinating about would not save him but rather if he sits down and get real thinkers to help him maybe he would leave a lasting legacy.

I know he may not be interested in leaving any good legacy as his agenda is to fight corruption on paper and making noise all over the world. Junketing around would not save him but the truth would surface and face him like a sore thumb.

No government in the world works this way and succeeds same way without coherent and tangential policies in place.

The way Buhari is going if he does not stop Nigeria would slip into a coma and to resurrect her would take a lifetime.

Someone talk to him mbook.

Just my two pence.

Portia Emilia Anthony is a lawyer (not an oil marketer). She is a public affairs analyst. Connect with her on Facebook.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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