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Are Our Religious Leaders Really Fair To Us?

Frustrated black man

By Ossai Philip

Most times, I’d feel for people that have nothing but out of their nothing, they still struggle to donate in church just to obey the scriptures.

In Nigeria today, religious leaders has being the center of controversy. Hardly will a day goes by without seeing a Nigerian Pastor on the front page of a newspaper in one political problem or the other. Many Pastors of today have now turned to politicians just because of their selfish interest. Some of them have even turned themselves to political godfathers. They’ve mixed religion which is “Holy” with the dirty game called “Politics”.

Top Nigerian Pastors now flies private jets while their followers find it difficult to pay for a bike ride.

In my own opinion, a church should be a place of worship and not a place where religious leaders extort their followers.

Don’t misquote me, I’m not against giving or sowing a seed in the church or paying of tithe, because the scripture even says give and it shall be given unto you. But the way our religious leaders who are supposed to be a role model in the society misuse the power bestowed upon them by God is what I’m against.

Majority of these so called religious leaders extort worshipers all in the name of God (Anywhere, thou shall not judge). They all live flamboyant lives while their followers languished in abject poverty.

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The trends in Nigeria now are churches owing private institutions. As followers, we all thoughts that this development could help us especially the masses but the reverse is the case.  All the institutions built by churches are for the elite in the society. Hardly will you see a common man’s child in all these institutions.

It’s these same followers that contributed towards the establishment of some of these religious owned institutions. The churches never think of subsidizing the fees for the sake of the masses; they are no go area for them because of the “stupid exorbitant fee” they charge.

You all know some of the churches and their institutions; you can take a survey for you to know how pathetic the situation is.

Recently, a popular church in Lagos (name withheld) gave back to the society by helping some Nigerians who were deported from Libya. Kudos to the church and the Pastor. Why can’t the rest follow suit by putting smiles on the face of their followers.

Foods items are not enough, common man’s children are also entitled to good education because they all contributed their own quota towards the building of those institutions.

Please, let the fee be subsidize, we all are begging in the name of God.





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