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Top 5 Things I Learnt From Being Jobless For 7 years


by Eku McGred

Like most graduates, after spending many years studying and going through examinations you just cant wait to finish and get a job that will reward you for all your years of hard work and your parents investments.
The reality on the other hand was far from that. After several months of job search, countless applications and handful of interviews i finally settled down for a job way below my qualification. Just at the onset of the financial crisis in 2008, i lost the job. This was further complicated by immigration issues.
Having been able to survive and come out on the other side with a business and a few products of my own i would like to share with you the top 5 things i have learnt through this experience:

1. Joblessness is a hard ship to be in
It is hard and sometimes unbearable to live a normal life without a regular source of income. This is one of the most difficult challenges you will face in life however, if you are able to survive it your life becomes much more fulfilling

2. Joblessness strips you
Joblessness reduces you to almost zero by disarming you of your capacity to afford things. It helps you to understand why it is difficult for a poor or broke person to not be humble.

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3. Joblessness reveals your talent, your friends and your foes
This is the time life stretches you to your limits and you get to discover not only your personal strengths and weaknesses but also the strength and weakness of your relationships and environment. You get to find out those who love you and those who pretend they do. Most importantly, as you venture out into unfamiliar territory you get to uncover gifts and talents that were hidden within you.

4. Joblessness rewards you with abundance of time
Once you have figured out how to live on the barest minimum you left with an abundance of time that you can either waste or use to do things that are meaningful to you. Joblessness makes available to you an ideal time to pursue your passion and calling.

5. Joblessness is damaging or developing
You can allow the stretching that comes from being jobless to either damage or develop you. Your values, principles, character and personhood will be put under enormous pressure, and you have the choice to give up or risk pressing past your breaking point to reach your breakthrough.

Written by Eku McGred

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