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Meet Identical Twins Who Do 2,000 Squats A Day To Make Their B-utts Big! (Photos)


This is aspiring models Miriam and Michelle Carolus, 28, who live in Miami, Florida, have been able to use their ‘bumbastic’ buttocks to carve out a career as social media celebrities – earning nearly 250,000 followers on Instagram, thanks to their identical curvy physiques.

They perform hundreds of squats in their main workout of the day – but will also stop and squat up to a 100 times each hour over eight to nine hours – building up to a maximum of 2,000.

In order to ensure that their figures stay exactly the same, the twins copy every aspect of each others lifestyle, from food to exercise

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The girls insist it is this strict regime that helped them sculpt their pert bottoms, not surgery, although they admit they both have breast implants.

Thanks to their social media fame, the girls, who both measure 36-22-46, have earned $30,000 from modeling jobs and public appearances – See more at:

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