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So Strange!!: Bat With Human P3nis Scares Residents Of Assin Bereku!! (PHOTOS Included)


A “strange” bat has sent shivers down the spines of the residents of Assin Bereku.

According to a report by, the animal was electrocuted to death and discovered by some passers-by.

Strange Bat with Penis

Strange Bat with Penis

However, the natives of the community in the Assin North District of Central Region were left with horrified expressions when, upon closer inspection, they discovered that the dead bat had what looked like a penis.

Strange Bat with Penis

Strange Bat with Penis

The penis-like extremity even sent more people wondering how to classified the bat since it bore an uncanny resemblance to the male reproductive organ.

The UltimateFMOnline report continues that the residents believe the bat to be a spiritual animal and thus gave it befitting burial after they performed some few sacrifices.

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Despite the confusion, bats do have penises. And their penis and testes bear a striking semblance to the male reproductive system.

Fruit Bat with penis

Fruit Bat with penis

The bats use their penis for “sex” as described here; “Female short-nosed fruit bats lick their mate’s penis regularly during copulation, and that each second of licking results in approximately six extra seconds of intercourse… Our observations are the first to show regular fellatio in adult animals other than humans.


Penis of bat showing its cylindrical nature (red arrow) and testis (blue arrow).

Penis of bat showing its cylindrical nature (red arrow) and testis (blue arrow).

SOME bats have a bone in their penis, and this is called OS PENIS (OS means “bone”). Some bats are like men, and do NOT have bones in their penises.

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