Jose Mourinho Embarrassed Juan Mata


Substitute Juan Mata appeared unhappy as he was replaced 30 minutes after coming on.

I don’t buy Mourinho’s excuse that he only took Mata off because he was United’s smallest player and Leicester were putting long balls into the box.

They have a lot of history at Chelsea, where Mourinho sold Mata to United in 2014, and now he has embarrassed Mata in front of his supporters.

Taking him off like that is basically saying to him “you are not important”. I don’t have a problem with a manager being strong with his player but I don’t agree with doing it publicly.

Mourinho is such an intelligent man that I am surprised he did it like that. By all means tell a player in your office that he is not in your plans but you should not do it in front of everyone.

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He is never going to admit that is what he did to Mata but I was a footballer and I have been there, I know what was happening. I like Mourinho but it was out of order, full-stop.

Mata handled it brilliantly with the way he conducted himself on the pitch afterwards – he celebrated with the rest of the players and did not spit his dummy out.

If it had happened to me, I would not have accepted it. I would have pulled the manager to one side later and given him a piece of my mind. I would have had to, because I would be that upset, and I am sure Mata is upset too.

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