Neymar: Judge Me On My Display On The Pitch


The 24-year-old striker rejected claims his active nightlife meant he did not take his profession seriously, and told reporters to stay out of his private life.

Neymar has challenged journalists to stop talking about his social life, and judge him solely for his on-pitch exploits.

The Brazil star has often been the focus of attention for his partying and celebrity friendships, especially when he unwinds on holiday back in his native country.

But he reacted firmly in a press conference when asked how committed he was to the Selecao ahead of the Olympic Games.

“I think you have to start looking at what I do on the pitch, the private stuff, what happens elsewhere, is just that – private,” he fired to reporters.

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Neymar went on to scold the reporter for not looking him in the eyes after asking the question, affirming that “in that way at least we will have a pleasant atmosphere” before continuing.

You can ask anything you want off me on the pitch, for example the issue about yellow cards, I don’t have any problem with that,” he said.

“But I have my private life, I am a kid of 24 years of age, still young, I have achieved things and I am not worried about it.

“You can criticise me, I’m far from perfect and I make mistakes. I like to go out with friends and have a good time, I have friends and family, why can’t I go out?

“There is no reason not to, I’m free to go out and I plan to keep doing so.”

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