Petr Cech: I Will Prevent Drogba From Scoring For MLS All-Stars Against Arsenal

petr cech

Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech is desperate to keep former Chelsea teammate Didier Drogba quiet.

Cech says he is eager to prevent Drogba from scoring for MLS All-Stars against Arsenal in order to avoid months of abuse from his former Chelsea team-mate.

“I am looking forward to playing against Didier, because it’s been a very long time,” he told reporters.

“He’s been my team-mate for 10 years and then obviously we faced each other in the Champions League when he was with Galatasaray, but I’m looking forward to that because playing against top players is always challenging.

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“As I said in this moment of the pre-season it’s great to have this challenge ahead of you because it’s not only about your fitness, getting back to the game, but it challenges you in the mental side because you need to focus and make sure you’re on top of the game even though it’s pre-season.

“I’m looking forward to the game and obviously I hope that he doesn’t score because for a whole year he would text me with a picture of the goal probably!

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