See Photos of a Spanish Club’s Jersey Everyone is Talking About

We’ve all heard players say they are willing to put their bodies on the line, but one Spanish team have gone as far as putting them on the front of their shirts.
C.D. Palencia, a football club that plays in the fourth division of the Spanish football league, have released their new set of jerseys/kits few hours ago and to say the least, they look ridiculous as the ‘inside-out’ kit, made by Italian sportswear company, Kappa, is an assault on the eyes to say the least.
The kits which have the design of the human muscular system look strange to be worn as kits as the players look more like half-dressed extras for a scene from “Game of Thrones” than they do actual soccer players.
The Tercera Division side’s strip is a detailed look at the human anatomy, with abdominals, pectorals and biceps on show.
See more photos below;
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