Victor Emenayo’s Age Scandal Is Causing Controversy In Azerbaijan

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Between Obafemi Martins, Joseph Minala and the U17 team having all but two of their players banned for failing age tests, Nigerian football has a murky history when it comes to how old a lot of the country’s players are. Now there’s another controversy regarding the legitimacy of a Nigerian player’s youth, with ’23-year-old’ Victor Emenayo’s age causing problems in Azerbaijan.

Emenayo, who plays for Shahdagh Qusar, has been accused of lying about his age by his own club. According to his passport, Emenayo is 23, but Qusar believe they’ve been had and that Emenayo is actually in his 40’s.

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“How can anybody claim or ascertain that l am not 23 years old merely by my looks. I am not a cheat

Meanwhile, some news outlets are reporting that Emenayo in fact suffers from Lorde’s Disease, which makes people look older than they actually are, although Emenayo himself is yet to mention this.

How hold do you think he is 23 or 40?

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