Google Maps Just Made it Easier to Navigate to Your Next Meeting


Google Maps is getting tighter integration with your Android calendar. The company today announced that your events will now start showing up in Maps.

Simply open up the side/hamburger menu, tap on ‘Your Places’ and head to the ‘upcoming’ tab to see directions for places you might have to travel to soon.

And that’s about it. It’s small, and a little buried; it would be neat if Maps automatically suggested locations based on upcoming events (say, if you have a meeting in half an hour), and as it stands it will likely go undiscovered by many users.

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Still, if you know where to find the list, it’s much more handy than looking up addresses for all your events in your Calendar, especially if you have several back to back meetings.

The update is rolling out to Android globally today. No word on when it will arrive on other platforms.

Source: TheNextWeb

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