Google Pixel Reveals The Device is Not as Easy to Repair as The iPhone 7


It’s only been a week since the big G started shipping its brand new Google Pixel line of smartphones, but iFixit has already managed to take the device apart and document its ins and outs.

One of the more interesting takeaways from iFix it’s teardown review is that the Pixel shows “almost zero evidence” of HTC manufacturing and branding – perhaps with the exception of the battery.

iFixit didn’t miss pointing out the modular aspect of the Pixel’s build – among other things, the phone’s camera, headphone jack as well as USB Type C port are all fairly easy to swap out.

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google pixel xl, teardown

Overall, iFixit gave Google’s new flagship a repairability score of six out of 10; in comparison, the website deemed Apple’s iPhone 7 slightly easier to fix, rating it with a seven out of 10. Still that’s a lot better than the Nexus 6P and the Samsung Galaxy S7, which scored two and three out of 10, respectively.

iFixit further commented on the Pixel’s score, noting that although many of the Pixel’s components are easily replaceable, it is damn near impossible to open the phone without damaging it.


Source: TheNextWeb

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