iPhone 7 Launch LIVE: Dual-lens Camera and Wireless AirPods

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 and other goodies from Apple have been unveiled at the company’s massive San Francisco event.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took to the stage and confirmed the company was ditching the headphone socket, meaning users will either have to use wireless Bluetooth headphones called AirPods to listen to music, or buy a pair of wired headphones that plug into the Lightning port – currently used for charging.

The Apple Watch Series Two was also revealed, which – like the iPhone 7 models – will be water resistant.

For those of you without the patience to sit through a whole Apple event – here’s the whole iPhone 7 launch in just 120 seconds.

It includes pretty much everything you need to know from the big show, from demonstrating the new wireless earphones to the latest Apple watch.

Apple officially announced the iPhone 7 Plus tonight, its first smartphone to offer dual camera technology with telephoto capabilities for a 2X optical zoom.

Unveiled during the firm’s hotly-anticipated launch event in San Francisco, the new iPhone doesn’t look too dissimilar to the last year’s iPhone 6S Plus device.

An analyst points to an industry wide slowdown for the less than enthusiastic response to Apple’s unveiling of its new iPhone.

Tom Mainelli, from International Data Corporation, said: “Worldwide the cell phone market is definitely slowing down. Top gear companies like Apple are facing rough year-over-year compares, because people are holding onto their phones longer.

“What I think Apple has done with this product is what they typically do on an off year. It is not a radical design change, it is a tic-tock-tock, for lack of a better word.

“They’ve put a lot of good technology inside this phone so people who have been waiting to upgrade will do so. I think a lot of people will look at the features like water proofing, wireless, faster processing and better graphics and say this is the phone for me.

“That being said I don’t think this radically changes that the cell phone market is slowing down and growth rates across the industry are dipping down into the single digits.”

 As with the iPhone 6 and 6s, both new iPhone devices come with different storage options.

This year, Apple has doubled the capacities available when the device launches.

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The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will therefore be available in 32GB, 128GB or 256GB options.

Apple said during its keynote that it has kept the prices of its new smartphones the same as the iPhone 6s when it launched last year for their respective storage options.

However, because the 16GB is no longer available, this means the cheapest option is now more expensive.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the iPhone 7 launch was the debut of a three-decade-old Nintendo game franchise, Super Mario Bros, on the smartphone.

While shares of Apple barely budged, Nintendo’s US-listed shares jumped 29 percent on investors’ hopes that Super Mario would be another mobile gaming hit for the Japanese company akin to the wildly popular Pokemon Go.

Fans of the iconic plumber will not be disappointed as “Super Mario Run” will fall under the classic video genre, with Mario making a mad dash to the finish line in hopes of saving his damsel in distress.

The move to a smartphone is one that has been long discussed and highlights Nintendo’s full jump into the mobile games sector.

Fancy a dip with your Apple Watch? No problem.


The technology giants announced that the Watch 2 will be SWIM-PROOF.
Apple said its Apple Watch Series 2, with a swim-proof casing, will be available in more than 25 countries starting on September 16.

If you’re an Apple shareholder, you should be pretty happy…

Max Wolff, Chief Economist at Manhattan Venture Partners gave his verdict on the new smartphone.

He said: “Better battery, faster chips, sleeker phone. We don’t have any problem seeing them sell 45 to fifty million phones in the next three months.”

But investors weren’t thrilled.

The stock traded in negative territory even after the announcement.

Jane Barratt runs investment firm Goldbean.

She said: “Apple has been a great long-term play. And I think that it is a proof of having a long-time vision for the company. They continue to have incredible talent, incredible vision, and the best, amazing execution.

“So, it’s not necessarily you should run out and buy it today, but, if you are an Apple shareholder, you should be pretty happy.”


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