“No Way Nigeria Is Not Going To Be A Part Of Innovations That Will Change The World” – Facebook Founder

Image credit: Jide Oketonade

Speaking at an ultra-hard-to-get-into town hall session at the Landmark Centre, VI as part of his visit to Nigeria, Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said Nigeria would definitely be a part of  innovations that would change the world.

Mark Zuckerberg in NigeriaMark Zuckerberg in Nigeria


Responding to a question on Facebook’s plan for media, news and publishing platforms in Nigeria who are going through the transformation from news print to digital, Zuckerberg said, “After being here for a short period of time I do believe that there’s no way Nigeria will not end up shaping what is being built around the world. Once people appreciate that, I think the whole world is going to be better of.”

More to the question, Zuckerberg said he believes that Facebook needs to connect everyone by making sure that there is good content representing all cultures and languages.

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He said for the Internet to be useful, there has to be good content that people understand and want to interact with – before expressing his delight at being able to check out Nollywood during this Lagos trip.

Mark Zuckerberg meets with Nigerian celebsMark Zuckerberg meets with Nigerian celebs


Zuckerberg said he understands that Nollywood is a national treasure adding that the ability to produce video content that is moving and emotional transcends boundaries.

He said this ability will help tell stories of the amazing innovation, engineering and culture present in Nigeria to the world.

Mark Zuckerberg is still in Nigeria and is expected to pop up at some tech places as well ass meet up with more entrepreneurs and engineers while he still here.

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