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These days we have various ranges of phones with amazing internal storage spaces leaving you susceptible to the junk, cache, duplicates and other needless files,  questioning the once priced jewel you now see as a piece of crap.

These easy steps will show you how to free up space on your phone External storage system, and even phones without an external SD card have a lot to benefit from it.

  1. Save photos and videos to external Storage Device card by default rather than internal storage
  • How can this be done? Simple!
  • Just go to settings,
  • Tap on storage, and look for default write disk
  • Then select your external Storage Device, SD, card.

The good thing about this, is that the space on your phone is freed to function freely with its RAM, but like two sides of a coin the SD card has to remain in your phone, with caution to be taken on how you plug and eject it from your PC, as once your SD card is damaged, so does all your information in it.

  1. Using tools such as clean master or disk usage

The Clean Master can move files saved into a certain folder to another, while the Disk Usage shows a graphic representation of size and usage.

The clean master moves files and helps delete junk files. It also has an overall functionality on your android phone, designed to be your Phone’s Personal Assistant when it comes to managing your phone.

  1. Upload Photos to Drop Box and Delete Local Copies
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Upload your photos to cloud, maybe on Google drive or on any drop box application, i.e Drop box’s Carousel app. Carousel will show thumbnails of all the photos. Tapping them will give you a larger preview. You can save photos from here to local storage as well.

If you want to do this manually, you can choose your cloud photo backup service of choice. Upload, and then delete the local copies.

  1. Use the Old Fashioned Way: Delete Via PC

If you are looking for an easier way to manage/delete data from your phone, that is possibly the most reliable way, connect it to a PC. This will list your internal storage as well as external SD card. Browse around, rearrange, and delete anything you do not need.

  1. Do a Factory Reset

The factory Reset is the last resort for freeing up storage, just make sure all you personal data are backed up (to the cloud preferably). Before you do this, you must have mastered the above steps or you will end up putting your phone on a factory reset every two months with the risk of losing important files always.

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