Shocking! Pastor Who Recently Raised a Dead Baby, Interviews The ‘god of Illuminati’ (Video)

Pastor Chris Okafor
The Nigerian pastor who made headlines around the country when he allegedly raised a dead baby back to life, is in the news again.

Pastor Chris Okafor of the Mountain of Miracle and Liberation ministries, is renowned around Nigeria for making bizarre prophecies and performing unbelievable miracles including the most recent one when he raised a dead baby back to life.
Yet again, Nigerians are being treated to another mind-blowing ‘signs and wonders’ from the man o God.
A recent video making its way round the internet has shown the pastor interview the popular ‘god’ of the Illuminati cult, Baphomet.
The video shows Baphomet speaking though a young woman in the church while the pastor flung questions at her.
The girl while confessing said she killed Michael Jackson and that several Nigerian artists are in the cult.
Watch the video below:


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