VIDEO: See The Reason Why This Lady Walks In Public Completely N@ked!!


Modern world is ruthless to the fair sex. Everybody claims that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but most girls feel that they fall behind the media standarts. Heavily retouched photos of leggy babes, that look completely out of this world are published everywhere.

Julia, the heroine of the today’s video, has faced this problem. Everyone would agree, that she is a nice and beautiful girl. But Julia was bullied a lot at school. She thinks that her body is ugly and her legs are crooked.

To get over her personality issues, the girl decided to take part in an unusual experiment. An artist, called Pashur House, painted jeans and T-shirt on her skin. When Julia walked down the street, nobody seemed to notice that she was naked. But when she came closer, people reacted like this…

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In thу end, the experiment proved to be helpful. The girl managed to overcome her insecurity. She noticed, that strangers don’t pay attention to drawbacks, that we only believe to have.

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