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Meet Tunji Babajide, Ayo Alex Alao, As The Two Exposit Business Innovations In Nigeria

Ayo Alex Alao, With Tunji Babajide

When success stories come together, it is always an awesome time to learn. Such opportunities are rare, and you would want to do yourself a whole world of good by picking what their journeys have been like. These are things they will never say to you except during seminars or trainings. And for such you could have to pay through your nose to attend.

This was exactly our experience at StarsConnect, a Subsidiary of Jetheights Services, when the stiudio was stormed by Tunji Babajide.

Tunji Babajide is a UK certified Life coach, the CEO of Awesome Effects Consulting based in Lagos, Nigeria.

He leverages his over 10 year study in the fields of Theology,  Performance Improvement Management, Human Behaviour Psychology, Communication, Sales and Marketing, Workplace Psychology, to move Companies and Organizations, from potential to performance, and achieve unimaginable personal,organizational  goals.

With him this time, is the CEO of Jetheights Services, Mr Ayo Alex Alao. Ayo had been able to drive small, medium companies (through advanced technology) to success stories. Reason Jetheights is a company that builds companies.

Motivating Like Always, Ayo Alex Alao













With fifteen subsidiaries, Jetheights ranked as one of the forward thinking innovative technological Companies in Africa.  Ayo also heads the Jetheights Media, a branding outfit that has worked and still works with top Organizations in the UK and in Africa- its affiliation ranks through to the likes of UK Web-design Association, International webmasters Association, etc. As a leader cum enthusiast for the Web 2.0 and social media, Ayo has become an innovative- solution provider for multiple individuals and businesses.

These two Success stories, in their respite said a lot about business ideas, innovational pursuits, and most importantly why businesses don’t get sustained in Nigeria.

Jetheights CEO,Ayo Alex Alao, With Tunji Babajide

The Respite OF The Eagles At Jetheights Services




Success Stories, Ayo Alex Alao, Tunji Babjide

It is imperative that Entrepreneurs learn to see their limit as a way of allowing others to be a blessing and partake of their success story, this was Tunji Babajide retorting when Ayo Alex  mentioned the fact that some business owners have lots of ideas but not a single plan on how to bring such ideas into realities.

StarsConnect Studios

The Success Stories, At StarsConnect

Ayo went on to say Jetheights Services, therefore takes such businesses through trusted technological tools which help in transforming initiatives into innovations, hence we are called a Company that builds Companies.

Tunji, moreover, buttressed the use of technology in business. The more updated you prove to be online and on social media platforms, the more your prospective buyers find you, and then you can keep smiling to the bank.

In this session, four major points stood out as take-aways. And these should be the focal point for Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

  1. Never mix family relationships with business if you ever want to grow and stay in business- this is key. No-one is saying you shouldn’t carry family along in your success, yet no business survives the excessive interference of blood relations.
  2. Keep updated, your online presence, this is as imperative as you would keep safe, your trade secret.
  3. Have Mentors- Business mentorship is like standing on the shoulders of those ahead of you to see farther. Get someone you will learn from. The more you stay connected to such, the more you remain relevant and innovational.
  4. Lastly, you can’t do it all- that which you cannot do is a sign of your frailty as human. Give room,therefore,for others to be a blessing in this regard.

Tunji Babajide enjoyed the rest of the day with the Jetheights family.. SEE Photos..


The Eagles, AyoAlexAlao, Tunji Babajide



Tunji Babajide With Jetheights Manager


CEO, Jetheights, Ayo Alex Alao, Tunji Babajide With The Jetheights Staff



Tunji Babajide With CEO, Jetheights, Ayo AlexAlao


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