Bird Allegedly Turns To A Woman When Sprinkled With Anointing Oil

ByMathew OgunsinaPosted on August 5, 2016witch
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An alleged witch is said to have crashed-landed in a house near the Tema Community 9 cemetery on Thursday, July 4 in Ghana. Adom News reports that the alleged witch, who looks like she is in her mid fifties had crash-landed in form of a bird but turned to a woman the moment she hit the floor.

The incident which alleged occurred at about 2am got the attention of a massive crowd. They all gathered at the house popularly known as Talent House to catch a glimpse of the ‘witch’. The eyewitness and owner of the house, Madam Doris Awuku told Adom News that she heard a loud bang at 2am and she started praying out of fear.

She said she prayed to God to strike dead any evil spirit in the house. Moment after, she said his brother called that someone is lying in front of her door. “I quickly came out and saw an old lady lying naked in front of my door but when she saw me, she quickly run and locked herself in our bathroom,” she stated. Madam Awuku said they forcibly opened the bathroom and poured anointing oil on her and she started confessing about how she was left behind after the crash. The alleged witch, she added escaped through the cemetery when residents threatened to beat her up. Hmnn! Wonders shall never end.

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