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BEWARE: The New Tactics Fraudsters Use To Defraud Innocent Nigerians (MUST READ)

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Nigerian fraudsters have taken another turn in the game of defrauding innocent but unsuspecting Nigerians of their hard earned currencies by sending transaction messages and demanding a follow-up within 24 hours.

If you have an account with Guaranty Trust Bank (at least the ones concerned so far) this message is for you. Beyond GTB, this is pertinent for everyone who saves money or other valuables in the bank.

Recently, fraudsters have grown even smarter by using disguised email name like,, to send initiated debit transaction from the victim’s account and further ask for other details.

Some customers of GTBank have fallen victim of this fraudulent message. In fact, other people who do not bank with GTB, like a colleague who got his message from under the disguise of, also received the message.

Concerned banks so far, include, Access Bank Plc, Diamond Bank, GTBank, UBA and StanbicIBTC

Read the experience of an individual who fell victim below:

This happened to me OluwaDamilola Ayomi Olatunbosun (ayomiessentials) a few hours ago (now weeks). I got an email from GTB (my one and only bank) some hours ago that I was debited 14,500 for a bulletin I subscribed for, the email further read I should click a link to oblige and another link below to decline, I clicked on the link to decline cos the mail read it will be assumed that I agreed to the terms and conditions if I don’t respond to the mail in 12hrs…

I clicked on the link to decline the offer since I don’t want my 14,500 to be debited for some magazine I didn’t subscribe for (note that I got these same email last week and I got tried calling GTBank customer service that day, I gave up after wasting about 600naira worth of airtime, I felt the need to respond when if got the message today again)….

Lo and behold the link took me to my Internet banking page, it requested that I enter my log in details which I did…the page requested I answer my test question which I did 1st then entered my 6 digits token code which Is usually requested when doing online banking.

Almost immediately I filled the form, the page kept loading and I was hoping I’d see a page where I’ll click the Decline button or something then the worse thing happened…. I got an alert that all the money in my account has been debited. They left only the kobo for me this happened to me less than 2hrs ago.

I went to the nearest GTBank and I was told that my account was hacked.
The debit alert I got showed that I recharged with all the money in my account.
Lo and behold I was given the number that was recharged at the bank 08170003208 (I was told at the bank that I used my money to recharge that number thinking it’s mine, I wonder if wanted to call heaven or hell that I will recharge that much of money on recharge)All my money is gone and nothing can be done about it, I’m sharing these with you all so u won’t fall a victim.Please be careful.
Note that the mail came from under the disguise of

A fraudulent alert from a supposed UBA alert system reads:


‘Dear Customer,
Thank you for succesfully SUBSCRIBING for the U-Direct monthly Bulletins.

We are processing to debit your account with the sum of 16,450 NGN as our monthly charge for the subscription as per our terms and conditions.

If you are not aware of this subscription and Wish to Cancel this, kindly follow our website below to unsubscribe.

Note: To Unsubscribe, A mobile code will be sent to your registered mobile number to Cancel After Security Validation!ut/p/a1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfGjzOKNAzxMjIwNjLwsQp0MD

Things You Must Know
1. After 24hrs you cannot cancel subscription and Debit will be processed on your account.

2. If you have been successfully debited, you will receive your ticket number by mail after 24hrs.

A fraudulent alert from a supposed Diamond Bank alert system reads:

Dear Customer,
We are sorry your booking was paused for a while , but we slightly suspected your booking as its unusual booking with a different NAME from the registered name on your account
For your account security , we are sending you a reference copy of your booking before debit

Your Account will be debited with N42000 for flight purchase:

Carefully review the below details for reference confirmation , kindly ignore this message if details corresponds to your booking :



Date: 12-03-17






Please for your secure, if you didn’t initiate such transaction, kindly to Cancel and Terminate transaction immediately before debit is processed on your accou

nt .

A mobile code will be sent to you for verification

Diamond Mobile

However, the banks have not been silent on this issue as it continued to notify its customers of possible scams and how to avoid being defrauded. One of such is from GTBank saying:

Dear Customer,

Scam Alert

This is a reminder that you should never disclose your account or card details to anyone or enter your personal banking details on a website that is sent as a link in an SMS, Email, Online or any Social Media Platform. Exit any page immediately if you are asked to enter your account, card or internet login details.

GTBank, its staff or agents will never call or send you an email asking for your account details, PIN, Card or other Personal Bank details in exchange for monetary or material reward.

You can help us stop these types of scams by following any of the simple steps below:

Fake Online Flyers: take a screenshot that clearly shows the link (website address) and send it to us by email at so that we can work to block the site.

Scam Calls, SMS, and Emails: Report the phone number to GTConnect (see numbers below) and forward such emails to

Thank you for choosing Guaranty Trust Bank plc.

As observed with all analysed scam alerts from the above mentioned disguised Bank email addresses, the fraudsters attempt to create an emergency for you to which a delay might cost you some money. Kindly note, that silence to this message might be very important as it allows you think properly but swiftly notify your bank.

Similarly, demand the contact number of your Account Manager from your nearest bank branch to be able to monitor your account on the go.

Whatever the case might be with your initiated transactions or fraudulent attempts, vigilance is paramount. Be careful of your kind of response in order not to

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