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Kenyan Socialite, Vera Sidika Says: ‘Men Should Leave Established Women If They Cant Add Value To Them’


Vera Sidika knows what she wants and she never shies away from expressing herself. In new rants shared on her Instagram Story, the Kenyan socialite who is still on a summer trip in the United States, dished some truths about men seeking to have a relationship with established women.
“If you see a woman that [has] sense and she has everything going on for herself and you know you’re not ready to add any positive value to her life, do yourself a favour and admire her from a distance without interrupting her greatness,” said the socialite. She continued, noting that such women aren’t ‘gold diggers’, rather they are aggressively independent women who aren’t built for basic things like clinging to a man for relevance.
“It doesn’t mean they’re gold diggers, it just means they know what they deserve in life, so if your presence can’t add value to her life, what makes you think your absence will do anything to it?” She added. Only weeks ago, Vera Sidika dragged her ex boyfriend, the Dubai-based Nigerian businessman OriYomi Johnson after he allegedly leaked her Nood to shame her for leaving him. The breakup was messy. The Kenyan socialite put all their business out on social media and dared anyone to judge her. Shortly after, she flew to the Miami for a fun-filled yacht party, and now is dishing home truths to her followers.

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