Nigerian Lady Writes Open Letter To Tonto Dikeh, Expresses Her Disappointment



A concerned Tonto Dikeh’s fan Elizabeth wrote an open letter to the actress, expressing her disappointment in her. This letter is coming after the writer claims she spotted Tonto on the streets of Ghana.

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Dear Tonto C. Dikeh,

On behalf of every concerned African woman out there, I reach out to you. I am sure this letter speaks for the concerned girls, ladies, women and mothers in African.

In case you don’t know or have forgotten, you are a public figure and a major source of inspiration to us. From the way you attained the role of being one of the finest actresses that African has to the way you inspire us to make it in life, you impress our minds greatly.

In recent times, the story- I don’t think scandal is an appropriate word here- between you and your ‘husband’ has been a source of great concern to us.

We clearly remember how a year ago, you shared images of the things he bough for you and how he cared for you even before marriage. This personally touched my life because I also had a fiance at that time in my life. Imagine the joy that filled my heart when you finally got married. It was now multiplied when you were blessed with a son.

However, our hearts began to plummet when news began to circulate around the media bout the breakup of your marriage after one year, it pained us deeply.

However this pain gradually evolved into anger when you unnecessarily spread you and your husband’s dirty linen in public.

I and am sure a whole host of others are greatly disappointed in the way you handled the matter. From allegations of adultery to domestic abuse, you kept us unnecessarily entangled in your drama.

Three days ago, your husband also came out to say his side of his story even claiming you hired a makeup artiste for the battery scars.

I have to end this now because of my level of disappointment about this matter.

I am writing this now from the streets of Ghana after I spotted you. I sincerely hope your mission here is not to add fuel to the fire.

On behalf of women, I beg you and your husband to resolve this rift and take appropriate actions so that your child would not grow up to be disappointed with you. You are the woman, take the first step and extend the olive branch.

Yours sincerely,
A concerned Sister

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