Not Again!!! ‘Queen With Low IQ’ – Lady Calls Out Actress Rosy Meurer For Stealing Friend’s Post


Nollywood actress, Rosy Meurer has been called out again for plagiarism. According to an Instagram user, @laider4192, a recent post the actress made on her page, was copied word for word from her friend.

She further advised Rosy Meurer to go back to school, and stop playing a Slay Queen but yet have a low IQ. Here’s what she wrote;

Rosy Meurer

“Dear @rosymeurerstop showing your stupidity on social media.claiming queen of all queens when your IQ is this low.
How can you keep posting word for word and paragraph for paragraph of another person.This writeup is my friend own. She is a writer and uploaded this writeup with her picture on facebook on july 17 you copied it on july 20 without giving credit to the originator of the write up.
My candid advice for Dear queen of all dullard calling herself queen of all queens @rosymeurer kindly go back to school and stop forming instagram slay mama when you have nothing upstairs and your IQ to construct a simple sentences is that low.”

Rosy Meurer


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