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#AprilWise- Nigeria!! Open Up Your World To Opportunities Beyond Your Reach


Yes! It is the month of April!

Its name is derived from the latin word aperit, which means ‘to open’. It is considered that April is the month of the growing season, when trees and flowers begin to “open”. 
In April, there is no sitting by the sideway because its a month of growth. You need to get opened up to development, information about your environs, your city, and ultimately your country. Happenings around you must not go down without you catching a whiff of them.
Even that business and career opportunity you have always wished for, is right here in April. The only thing you need is just a Click!

Clicking  the button on a credible content site could give you all these. Such that even in the midst of your busy schedule, you are still in vogue with happenings in and around Nigeria right from this April thereon.. You tap and subscribe now, then be rest assured you are connected to trendy news, career opportunities, latest gossips and general events all over Nigeria.

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Nigeriana is Nigeria’s foremost Internet Newspaper that publishes news, opinions, entertainment, lifestyle and trends, fashion and style and celebrity gossips. Here’s the best platform for getting your message across to your audience. has over 200K FB followers/fans and several thousands of advert impressions daily. All these with myriad of twitter followers.

Presently Nigeria’s population is 182.2 million according to the latest census. So if our newsnigeriana gets 300,000 impressions daily, then you should know the ton of impressions it gets in a year of 365days.  Doing the mathematics, you would know makes quite the kind of effect you would want your news and trends to come with, reaching almost 3/4 of each state in a month.
Wouldn’t you rather subscribe to such a site and even place an advert?.

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