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Do You Even Know The HIV Status Of Your State!


HIV remains one of the diseases which, due to its deference to permanent cure, lost the fear attached to the mere mention of its name. In fact over time, people living with this virus can own up to it unlike before.

From a recent data of National Agency for the control of Aids NACA for the National Aids Reproductive Health Survey, we came up with the list of the top 10 states with the highest prevalence in Nigeria.

This ranking came as a result of test done on Nigerians that are HIV/AIDS positive. Sit back and be aware. Starting with the least, we have….

Ondo State with 4.3%

Cross River State with 4.4%

Yobe State with 5.3%

Both Oyo State and Sokoto State with 5.6%

Akwa Ibom State with 6.4%

Federal Capital Territory, Abuja with 7.5%

Nasarawa State with 8.1%

Kaduna State with 9.2%

Taraba State with 10.5%

Rivers State with 15.2%

For the list of the remaining states according to HIV/AIDS prevalence in Nigeria:

Gombe – 3.4%, Abia – 3.3%, Bayelsa – 2.7%, Osun – 2.6%, Imo – 2.5%, Borno – 2.4%, Plateau – 2.3%, Lagos – 2.2%, Jigawa – 2.1%, Adamawa – 1.9%, Kwara – 1.4%, Kogi – 1.4%, Kano – 1.3%, Enugu – 1.3%, Niger – 1.2%, Anambra – 1.2%, Ebonyi – 0.9%, Kebbi – 0.8%, Edo – 0.8%, Delta – 0.7%, Ogun – 0.6%, Bauchi – 0.6%, Zamfara – 0.4%, Ekiti – 0.2%

The preceding question is prevention and how to control HIV/AIDS in Nigeria and reduce its grasp in each Nigerian State. The Federal government however, some days back tightened the noose around the neck of the on-going research for the cure. To this end, the needed  guidelines to lessen  the rate of transmission were released.

This we hope will provide a curb to the disease in our states…


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