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Don’t Ignore- Brain Tumour Symptoms You Must Never Brush Aside!

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Fatal diseases most times, could be  survived, when detected early.  Medical doctors or practitioners will advise periodic tests to avert chronic stages of some of these diseases. You don’t feel well enough after going through series of medical monitoring, the best thing is to run precise tests. Early attention is the only way to combat some of such diseases.

Brain tumor really don’t have specific signs to watch out for, however there are ways the body will notify to say something is wrong. These are the signs we should not ignore.

There are two types of cell abnormalities that can cause brain tumour.

The first type is a tumour that originates in the brain. The second type is a type of cancerous tumour that occurs when the cancerous growth from different parts of the body reaches the brain. Cancerous brain tumours can be extremely hard to treat and the death rate is pretty high.

So, here are some of the most shocking symptoms of brain tumour that you should not be ignored.

1. Clumsiness

Tripping and falling, difficulty in opening locks, dropping things, etc., when experienced too often, can be signs of brain tumor, as your nerve impulses are weakened.

2. Numbness

Another shocking sign of brain tumour is experiencing numbness in the hands and feet, also a tingling sensation all over the body that usually happens due to low blood pressure.

3. Memory Problems

If you notice that you are experiencing memory loss, confusion, difficulty in remembering certain specific events or words, etc., they can also be a sign of brain tumour.

4. Nausea

Experiencing nausea, with no apparent reason, can also be one of the most subtle signs of brain tumor, often ignored by people.

5. Blurry Vision

If you have had your eyes tested and your results did not indicate any eye problems and yet you experience blurred vision, you must get tested for brain tumour.

6. Difficulty In Speaking

Some people with brain tumour may experience difficulties in speaking or articulating things, they may stutter or stammer due to a decreased cognitive function.

7. Facial Pain

If you have been experiencing sharp, shooting pain in various parts of your face, it could surely be another shocking sign of brain tumour

8. Constant Headaches

This is coming last because most often than not, it may not be a symptom. But then when it is deferring every medication, Then  seeing a doctor for the needed tests will be advised.

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