Apostle Suleman’s prophetic postulation that the truth behind his chilling s*x scandal with Canada-based Nigerian singer, Stephanie Otobo will be exposed in a matter of hours has refused to come to pass.
Fiery cleric, Apostle Johnson Suleman on the 7th of March, 2017 during a service at the Auchi, Edo State branch of his church boldly prophesied that “Marine” a seeming code name for his accuser, Stephanie Otobo will be disgraced publicly.
The General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide who has been linked with other false and controversial prophecies in the past emphatically claimed it was a message from God.
“God just told me something, God just told me something, that in 24hrs ‘Marine’ will be disgraced publicly”
“Marine, I am not just prophesying on you (congregants), I am prophesying on myself”
“In 24hrs, the truth will he exposed” he emphasized as the large congregation muttered words of prayer. He reiterated that the “kingdom of the water” and their representative (Ms. Stephanie Otobo apparently) will be humiliated according to a divine revelation he received from God. As he made the revelations, his congregants responded with a resounding ‘Amen’ at regular intervals.
“When a man’s ways pleases the Lord, he maketh his enemies to be at peace. We don’t fight with our mouth; we fight on our knees”
“We can’t do certain things and still carry the anointing” he emphasized as he boldly walked around the alter amid thunderous supportive chants from his Church members.
“If I am true or not true, real or not real…24hrs” he stated with impeccable confidence.
He went on to brag about being tough and the impossibility of his traducers to prosecute his downfall. “I am tough mehn! I am tough!, you can’t bring me down mehn!!,” he averred in laughter as his audience cheered him again.
“You can see me preaching, do I look worried? Do I look shaky? Get a better agent”
“Do you know sometimes why we ignore some people?, We don’t want to make you popular”
“We don’t dignify you, so just get out”
“You cannot fight the devil and he keeps quiet and if the devil wants people to start doubting you, he attacks your reputation”
He went on to attribute his travails to his publicized call for a halt in the onslaught against Christians in the northern part of Nigeria. He faulted his unnamed detractors on their decision to use an inelegant person against him.
“You should have at least…at least… get somebody that people will believe. Get somebody that is presentable…not….this” he gesticulated in a belittling manner.
“I have traveled round the world, I have seen all kinds of ……haba!….aaaahaaa!!” he mocked.
“If I were to go to the market, there are some people that will sell pepper to me, and I will not buy”
The embattled Apostle Suleman’s prophesy directed at Stephanie Otobo and presumably her legal team – Keyamo Chambers seems to have failed as the mystery behind the impropriety haven’t been unraveled even 6 days after (13th of March, 2017) as the 5 minutes and 33 seconds video clip is being analysed by a TORI NEWS correspondent.
Watch the video below: