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Drama As Woman Strips Completely N*ked Inside Shrine To Confess Of Killing Her Son-in-law!! (Photos)


A woman caused uproar in a community after stripping n*ked to confess of causing the death of her son-in-law before Prophet Madzibaba Masango in Rugare area of Zimbabwe.
After the death of her husband, Yvonne Chivambe, 28, was forced by her in-laws to consult Madzibaba Masango popularly known in Rugare for spiritual intervention.
According to H-metro, the incident took place at the prophet’s shrine after he warned the family that the person who caused the death would go mad in two days and Yvonne’s mother Sheila Chiswa, 51, secretly returned to Madzibaba and confessed before stripping naked as she underwent a cleansing ceremony.
Madzibaba Masango confirmed conducting the cleansing ceremony saying Gogo Chiswa returned secretly after experiencing bad omen.
“I have powers to send back evil to its sender and this elderly woman secretly returned after experiencing visions of the late Brighton in her dreams and woke up feeling ill,” said Madzibaba Masango.
“Since she confessed, I helped her and during the cleansing ceremony she stripped naked and I believe the evil spirit that was on her was leaving,” he added.
Yvonne told H-Metro that her in-laws abandoned the distribution of the deceased’s estate according to custom blaming her, Gogo Chiswa and her pastor Josiah Tarukwasha over causing the death of the late Brighton.
Tarukwasha, a Full Gospel Church of God Mabelreign assembly pastor was embroiled in the witch-hunting ceremony which left the elderly woman stripping.
Pastor Tarukwasha and his wife Lillian dismissed Yvonne from church premises where she was a caretaker following the death of her husband Brighton Chamutsa accusing her of consulting Madzibaba Masango.
The pastor’s decision to oust Yvonne left her bitter.
“Pastor Tarukwasha and his wife failed to keep their faith in God by refusing to stand with my family in times of sorrow considering that me and my late husband were faithfully safeguarding church property for almost 14 years,” said Yvonne.
“My mother is a friend of the pastor’s wife and the pastor was aware that my mother was against my marriage to Brighton but they decided to evict and expel me from church over seeking the cause of my husband’s death.
“They could not afford time to pray for my husband after he suffered a terrible head ache during the days he spent in hospital because my mother wanted my husband dead.
“My husband was the one who was repairing all damages at the church premises as well as electrical challenges faced at the premises.
“Pastor and his wife forced me to look for alternative accommodation at a time when my in-laws were causing me untold suffering accusing my mother of causing Brighton’s death.
“Vanatezvara vakandimanikidza kuti ndigarwe nhaka vachiti mhosva ndeyamai vangu ndikaramba vakandiramwira zvose vachida kutora motokari mbiri dzakasara chete, it’s unfair.
“My children are asking me daily why the Pastor expelled us from church and it’s so disheartening.
“I am not sure if my mother is the one behind the death of my husband but her secret visit to Madzibaba raised more questions given that she stripped during the cleansing ceremony,” said Yvonne.
Contacted for comment, Pastor Tarukwasha confirmed expelling Yvonne and evicting her saying her issue was complicated.
“Is Yvonne the one who gave you the story, if so believe what she told you since she is the wife of the late Brighton who was accommodated at church premises,” said Pastor Tarukwasha.
“But mmmm where are you can we meet at a different place from your workplace for discussions,” said Pastor Tarukwasha.
The late Brighton Chamutsa

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