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Help! My Dad Forced Me To Have S3x With Him And Now He Is Saying I Am Sweeter Than Mum In Bed….We should Be Doing Often!!

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My Dad Forced Me To Have S-3x With Him And Now He Is Saying I Am Sweeter Than Mum In Bed, We should Be Doing Often. What do i do?
Sometimes when you think about what is happening, you will want to imagine that you are dreaming or what kind of world we are living in…I am not trying to judge this little girl for sleeping with her dad, but i think her dad is the wicked man here, here is a mail a lady from Kenya sent to ….she needs your sincere advise..please dont judge her, all she need is advise.
I am a 16yrs girl and in Mathare High School Kenya…. When i’m on holiday, i enjoy walking with Dad than Mum. I have this problem that i get $-3xu@lly attracted to my Dad no matter how i try to control myself. i seduced him yesterday when my mum was away in a wedding and we ended up making love, and now he is all over me, saying am sweeter than my mom….
This is Him And Him And i have A video I record I dont Know If I should leak It. I actually dont know. please help me

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