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Infidelity!! Two Unfaithful Lovers Die Stuck In Action!!

Two unfaithful lovers die stuck in action

Indeed, to have had relations with the wife of his friend, the rod of this teacher remained trapped in the intimate parts of the woman. The two lovers were taken to the hospital and even to healers, but the two infidels lost their lives. The wife had long been suspected by her husband of maintaining an extra-marital relationship, but this woman always denied the facts.

The deceived man therefore took special measures to take the latter into the bag. So he put a “tshibawu” (African voodoo) in the room for his unfaithful woman so that any sexual intercourse outside his, that goes into his wife never comes out. So the friend remained stuck in his friend’s wife forever. After “taking his foot” it was impossible for the two lovers to separate.

The couple of infidels was taken to the hospital both glued to each other but modern medicine could do nothing for them. Their only chance of survival was the husband who should do a neutralization of the  “Tshibawu”. Meanwhile, the man of the cuckolds preferred to put on the sails, thus leaving the two lovers to die and eventually they did.


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