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Kenyan Men Set To Earn Extra Money (N43,000) When They Donate Their Sp£rms

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An informal advert which has been making rounds on social platforms previously called on willing Kenyan men to donate their sperms.

With the hard pressing economic times often experienced in January, most men have jumped onto it, hoping to make that extra money

Kenyan men have been going crazy recently, over an advert that appeared on social media asking sperm donors to visit select clinics in Nairobi, to donate sperm.

While it is not entirely unheard of in Kenya, the idea of a Kenyan man walking to a clinic to donate sperm is still discussed in hushed tones, privately.

A user who shared his experience on social media answered the question that most Kenyan men have been asking, saying the process wasn’t that serious.

 According to the social media user, your manhood will be connected to a suction pump much like the one that milks cows, when the sperm has been extracted, you’ll be paid the sum of KSh 14,000 (about N43,000)

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