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Lesson To All Cheating Husbands: See What This Married Kenyan Man Did To A Lady Trying To Hit On Him

Man says no to lady's advances

Cheating and having mistresses has become a norm among Kenyan men, but one man stood the test of time and came out victorious.

It all started with a simple chat on Whatsapp with the lady only identified as Esther trying to hit on him.

She asked if they could meet for a cup of coffee and in the process jogged his mind by naming when and where they met.

His response;

“Coffee? Would love that bit I don’t have time, I pick my kids after school and after that I take my wife out for dinner on Wednesday’s and Friday’s”

It did not deter her as she went ahead to congratulate him for being such a gentleman and shamelessly offered for him to come to her house for dinner.

His response;

“Listen Mercy I am a married man. I love my wife and kids so much I would never think of hurting them not even once. If it’s not about business, sorry but can’t help you. Bye”

Did this finally stop her? Read the whole conversation below;

Married man TELLS OFF desperate mistress in classic fashion

This has definitely proved there are good and faithful men out there, Right?

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