A man who was having s*xual intercourse with his lover and couldn’t e jaculate because the lady was disturbed by a neighbour who needed her attention, has finished the job with his girlfriend’s daughter.
A 38-year-old man from Bubi District in Zimbabwe has allegedly forced his 7-year-old step daughter into having anal s*x after he had been interrupted by a neighbour while having intercourse with the victim’s mother.
The incident allegedly occurred last Sunday at around 7:00am.
According to a report by The Cronicle, a source said the man of Inyathi Township in Bubi said he violated the Grade One pupil because the mother had jumped out of bed before he could finish, and allegedly forced himself on the girl while her one-year-old brother slept by her side.
The source said; “The man who lives a few houses away from his fiancée’s house had come to sleep over as usual. The couple slept with the woman’s two children on the same bed.
“On Sunday morning, the man had s*x with the woman but claimed he was disturbed before he ejaculated by a neighbour who had come to offer the woman a menial job.
“When the woman went away to do the job she had been offered, he allegedly helped himself to his fiancée’s daughter,” said the source.
While speaking further, the source said the man was sold out by a semen drenched scarf that he used to wipe himself and the minor. The woman is said to have found it under the bed.
“He threatened to kill the minor if she told anyone about the s*x attack. He ordered the siblings to start playing outside together before he left for his home.”
It was gathered that the woman, after finding the scarf, asked her daughter if her step dad had brought a woman during her absence. The little girl opened up about what had transpired.
The source added that the woman quickly rushed to her boyfriend’s house and dragged him to the police.
He is expected to appear in court in due course.